Crafting and crazy

I have not been blogging since I have been back at work. I spend a lot of time after work and at home doing work related things. I am a teacher and I think a lot of teachers spend their personal time on work. I feel like there is always something I can be doing and I love my job.

I have still been doing a lot of knitting too. I joined the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry and have been slightly obsessed. I am not even sorted this term but I am playing along like the crazy crafter I am.

I’m not going to write much about these picks but here is what I have been up to the last month


These are some adorable stitch markers from K8erpillar. I won them from the must stash podcast. So cute !

A loop bat that I bought and can’t wait to spin but don’t want to touch cuz it is so pretty

Lollipop Yarn that has since become these

Dye version socks20130930-220913.jpg

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Finishing frenzy

I have been bitten by the finishing bug. Not a bad bite to get. I have many small projects on the needles so I put them all into my Vivid Allon bag and have itin my head that I’m going to plow through them.

I finished a pair or duets socks. This is probably the longest I have taken on a pair of socks (years-I don’t even remember when I started them)

Don’t look too close. I waited so long to do the two heels that I did them differently. Oops
And I have been spinning the unknown blue fibre ball. It is the best I have done if I do say so myself. I have learned a lot.

This is the Sunnyside Cardigan by Tanis Fiber Arts. I knit the 2 year size and made it a little longer because my daughter is tall and even though this is for a friend’s daughter I wanted to make sure it would fit and for a while.

I used Three Irish Girls Kinsale merino tencel. And was a little disappointed when I had to break into a second skein just to finish the sleeve. Now I have to figure out what do make with part of a skein

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Here it is!
Pattern inspiration: Dipped infinity sweater by Tanis Fiber Arts
Yarn : Tanis fiber Arts yellow Label (charcoal, royal flush, sweetheart, sand, lilac, jewel, plum)
Needles: signature 4.5mm and addi 4mm

This was a lot of fun to knit. Definitely the fastest I have EVER knit a sweater which is probably because I have been slightly obsessed with it. I have learned a lot about myself as a knitter and about knitting things that fit me and not blindly following a pattern hoping that I picked the right size when it isn’t exactly to my measurements. I might knit more sweaters if I can be as happy with them as I am with this one.

I actually have considered ripping out a sweater I have upstairs that I knit a few years ago. I love the sweater and the yarn but am not happy with the fit so… I might rrrrrip it and try again in the future.

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It looks like a sweater!

I am very excited that the sleeves and body of my sweater are now joined and look like a real sweater.
Now I get to see how the yoke goes. It will be a much different fabric with two strands together and the stitch pattern. With that said I’m not taking any chances with the work done this far. I’m going to put in a lifeline incase the stitch pattern doesn’t wok out well and I need to rip out an go with a backup plan (psst… At this point I do not have a back up plan!!)

I got some fun mail. I have not ordered anything online for a long time knitting related or otherwise. I changed that by ordering from Sweet Sheep
She is closing/changing her store and there are lots of sales!
I bought some Yarn Pirate in Kate

And some Polwarth to play with. The colour is Break my Heart and I can’t wait to spin it. However I only have 3 bobbins and I started that blue mystery 9ish ounces and will need to finish that first!! If I can’t be a monogamous knitter I can/ have no choice but to by loyal to my spinning.

P.S. Oscar also likes the sweater


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Busy bee ( not on housework )

And my sleeves have reached past the elbow! I’m hoping that by tonight I can have the sleeves done and joined to the body.


We will see because I am also itching to do some spinning! I went to my fibre stash to see what was there. I don’t have a huge stash of fibre because I never really spun too much but I really want to spin more. I have been admiring other people’s hand spun and would like to be able to do that. So… Practice needed.

I found this

It had no tag or label. I bought it years ago. It is just under ten ounces. It has a few little bits in it that I’m going to have to deal with but the big ball was made up of four smaller pieces that were each just over 2 ounces.

I am going to try not to rush it and really try to make it my best yet.

Tomorrow my daughter is back at daycare so it has to be a house cleaning day, but I hope to have some fun too. My days of doing nothing but crafting are going to be slowing down too as I start to get ready for the new school year. I really have enjoyed the last bit. I have gotten back into knitting and spinning pretty seriously and forgot how much I have missed it.

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Thank you to the rain

Hubby and I have been having a lot of trouble lately getting B to go to sleep at night and at nap. She is waking up at night where she never used to before and then she doesn’t want me to leave the room. This has been going on for about a month (plus). Last night it was raining. She still woke up around 2am but she didn’t fight going back to sleep quite as hard as she has been. Thank you rain!

Still a lot of knitting happening on my sweater. I have never been a monogamous knitter but I haven’t touched anything since casting this on. The body is done. I wasn’t going to post a photo because it is just a grey/black body but I am very happy with it and it is progress.


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Serious knitting mojo

I am in one of those places right now where all I want to do every moment if everyday I knit. It is nice that I am on holiday but I’m also not doing much of the big around the house jobs I planned to do this holiday.

I had another post planned and then my two year old deleted a bunch of the pictures.

Yes I am working on my jaywalker socks. Yes I have cast on another pair of socks. Yes I also have more yarn caked up to knit another pair of socks.

However, the project that has consumed me the last two days has been a sweater. It is inspired by Tanis’s Dipped infinity sweater. I have admired it for so long and am so glad she gave me permission to attempt to recreate it for myself.


I have only yellow label(DK) and am wondering how that is going to work for the yoke as it is going to be a very dense fabric for that part of the sweater. I am skeptically optimistic. This is my first time knitting a yoke sweater and my first time knitting from my measurements and my math. YIKES,


I have already had to recalculate my stitch count and measurements twice. I have tried the first few inches on and I think I’ve got it this time. Fingers crossed. I really want to wear this sweater and have such high hopes for it that I will definitely take my time, try on, count, measure, and count again to get it right.


So far though I can’t put it down.

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